Prawn Omelette

Prawn Omelette

This morning, it was raining heavily and while waiting the rain to stop in order for me to go marketing, I asked myself what to cook and magically came out this simple dish from my head.

Step 1
300g Prawn - Shelled, wash and drained. Marinade with sugar, salt and pepper.
(Sugar makes the prawn crunchy.)

5 Eggs mix with pinch of salt and pepper and beat for a few times.

A few stalk of Spring Onions - Washed, drained and cut into your desire sizes.

Cooking Oil.

Step 2
Mix the spring onions into the beaten eggs.

Step 3
Heat up the pan with cooking oil.

Step 4
I divided the prawns into two portions.
Pour the 1st portion of the prawns into the pan and cook until slightly cook.

Step 5
I divided the beaten eggs into two portions.
Pour the 1st portion of the beaten eggs into the pan
and cook until the bottom brown
and then flip over to cook until brown.

[Repeat again from Step 3 for the 2nd portion]

Step 6
Aahh......can't wait to cook this simple delicious I right?

[When my daughter saw this dish...straight away she asked me when dinner will be served!!]


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