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Spicy Fried Crab Sticks

Spicy Fried Crab Sticks  Well, another two more weeks, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year). If you are not sure what to make for snacks, then this one will be good because it is very easy  to make, inexpensive and it is everyone favourite.   Original Fried Crab Sticks (click here for the recipe) is without chili or curry leaves, hence I added chili and curry leaves enhanced more flavour.  Do try it out, you won't regret it.

 Ingredients and Method :-

One pack of frozen Crab Sticks (32 pieces)10 g Curry Leaves (wash and dry it)5 pieces Chili Padi (or any other chili) (wash and cut it) Method to slice the Crab Stick :- Thaw crab sticks to room temperature.Open up (or unroll) Crab Sticks and stack to around 10 pieces.Slice to your desired width.

 Method to fry Crab Sticks :-

Heat up cooking oil with high fire.Add in Crab Sticks and then cut chili and curry leaves.Quickly stir to evenly distribute chili and curry leaves.After 5 minutes, lower to medium fire and stir.F…

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