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Fried Banana Nutella Tortilla

Fried Banana Nutella Tortilla Today, I am on leave to do some errands.  While waiting for the right time to go out, might as well I post this yummylicious dessert.
This recipe will be great if you have some left over of banana. Banana with Nutella inside and crispy with sugar and cinnamon outside,  isn't it is best in the world?

 Ingredients (for one person) :-

1/2 tbsp Castor Sugar*1/4 tbsp of Cinnamon*1 Banana 1 TortillaSome Nutella Spread
* Mix the Castor Sugar with Cinnamon

 To wrap :-

Place the Tortilla onto a flat surface.  For the banana, cut some out if the banana is too long.Spread some Nutella into the middle of the Tortilla.  Place the banana in the center.Fold one end to the middle part and fold left and right sides of the Tortilla over the end of the banana, then continue to roll the tortilla until to the end.Secure with toothpick.

 To fry :-

Heat up some oil.Add in the wrapped tortilla and fry at medium fire.When it is slightly brown, turn the fire to high and fry until…

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