Saturday, April 2, 2016

Daun Pandan Juice (Screwpine Leaves Juice)

Daun Pandan Juice (Screwpine Leaves Juice)

I wanted to make Pandan Chiffon Cake,
so I needed to make this Daun Pandan Juice
(Screwpine Leaves) before baking this cake.

I prefer to use handheld blender to
blend the daun pandan because 
the end result is way much better than
using the mortar and pestle or 
food processor.

 100g Daun Pandan (Screwpine Leaves)
or around 3 handful (wash and cut)
200ml water

1) Place all the cut daun pandan into
a high container and use the handheld
blender to blend all the daun pandan.

2) Pour all the blended daun pandan into 
a sieve and use a spoon to press all the
juice out.
3) Let the juice stand for 1 hour.
4) You will notice the top part is lighter
than the bottom part.
5) Pour away the lighter part and
keep the darker part.

Keep in a container for later use.
If you have extra, put into ice cube container
and freeze for next usage.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Granola (Pecan, Rolled Oat, Sunflower Seed and Raisin)

(Pecan, Rolled Oat, Sunflower Seed and Raisin)

 Who don't love Granola?
I love eating with Yogurt, Greek Yogurt or Milk 
for breakfast, lunch or as snack munching away
while watching my favourite movie.
Easy and inexpensive to make and lastly does not
take much of your precious time.

Note : I am using my Air Fryer machine
to make this Granola.  Please do not be disappointed, 
if you do not have Air Fryer machine,
because you can use oven to bake it.

*3 tbsp of Honey 
(*I am using 3 tbsp because my honey is wild honey thus not that sweet.
It is sourish. If your honey is commercial, then 2 tbsp will be enough.)
2 tbsp of melted Butter.
1 1/2 cups of Rolled Oat.
Pinch of Salt.
1/2 cup of Sunflower Seed.
1/2 cup of Pecan (chop it roughly).
1/2 cup of Raisin.

1)  Add all the ingredients except for honey, butter  
and 1/2 of the raisin to a bowl.
2) Then add your honey and butter and mix thoroughly.
3) Lined your AF basket with aluminium foil or 
Oven baking tray with baking sheet.
4) Pre-heat your AF machine or Oven.
Using Air Fryer Machine
5) Air Fry batch by batch at 180 Degree Celsius for
3 minutes and then take it out and stir well.
Air Fry again for another 2 minutes.
6) Pour it into a tray to cool it.
7) While cooling, add the balance of the raisin.
8) Keep in a air tight container.

Using Oven Machine
5) Oven bake it at 190 Degree Celsius for 4 minutes
and then take it out and stir well.
Oven bake again for another 2 to 3 minutes.
6) Pour it into a tray to cool it.
7) While cooling, add the balance of the raisin.
8) Keep in a air tight container.

Note : I prefer to have two types of texture on the
raisins thus, I put 1/2 to bake it and balance after
all have been baked.  You can put all the raisins
after the baking. Choice is yours.

The above six photos showing the outcome of the Granola.
Air Fry into three batches.
I lined my Air Fryer basket with aluminium foil.
If using oven, please line your baking tray with baking sheet.

While cooling the Granola and seeing it so beautifully
made, I can't help myself digging it in.
I had it with Greek Yogurt and drizzle with some wild honey.
Just yummmmmy

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cocktail Sausage Wrapped with Bacon & Honey Mustard

Cocktail Sausage Wrapped with Bacon & Honey Mustard

Upon seeing this photo already makes you salivating.  Am I right?
I am using my Philips Air Fryer to make this breakfast.  No usage of oil at all.
It is super easy to make and same goes to the Honey Mustard.
My husband brought 3 bottles of wild honey from Sabah and I use it to make honey mustard
to pair with this delicious cocktail sausage wrapped with bacon.  Both so easy to make.

Note : You can pan fry or oven bake it, if you don't have Air Fryer machine.

 8 pieces of Bacon
8 pieces of Cocktail Sausage
8 pieces of Cocktail Wood Stick

 Place one piece bacon on a flat surface.
Then place one piece cocktail sausage at the end of the bacon (near to you).
Roll it until to the end.
Lastly use the cocktail wood stick to secure the finished roll.

Place the finished roll inside the pre-heated air fryer at 180 degree celsius.
Air fry for 5 minutes.
Pull out the tray and turn all the rolls to the other side and air fryer another 3 minutes
or 5 minutes depends on your liking. For me, another 3 minutes will be just nice.
Take out and set aside.

Now to make the honey mustard.

3 tablespoons of Honey.
3 tablespoons of Dijon Mustard.
3 tablespoons of Mayonnaise.
1 1/2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice.

Mix well and set aside.

Both so easy to make and super fast will be gone from the dining table.
If you eat this at Cafe or Restaurant, you will be charged with a bomb price.
So, why wait...hurry up and make it for your lovely family or friends.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Red Velvet Brownies

Red Velvet Brownies
During recent Chinese New Year, my husband's friend 
commented that it has a while I did not bake this super 
delicious yummy Red Velvet Brownies.
He is such an Angel and not to disappoint him,
I baked this for him, his mother and some our friends.
This Red Velvet Brownies are super moist and with
the cream cheese as topping, you will die for it.

Ok, enough of my blah blah blah. 
Here goes the recipe but remember to save
some for yourself, because within short time
being served, it will be gone very fast from the table.

Thanks to dailydelicious for this wonderful recipe.

For information, I have improvised some
ingredients to suit our taste.

Ingredients for the brownies :-
125g Butter (melted)
180g Granulated Sugar
2 Eggs
1 tbsp Red Food colouring
1 tsp Distilled Vinegar
1 tsp Vanilla extract
95g Flour
30g Cocoa Powder
40g Walnuts (chopped and toasted)

Method :-
1) Preheat the oven 190 degree celsius.
2) Line 8x8 inches of pan with baking paper.
3) Mix flour and cocoa powder evenly and set aside.
4) Mix the sugar with melted butter for 3 minutes, 
mix in the eggs for 2 minutes, 
mix in the red food colouring until well combined,
mix in distilled vinegar and vanilla extract until well combined,
fold in flour/cocoa power mixture and fold until smooth.
5) Reserved 4 tbsp of the batter and set aside, 
lastly, add in walnuts and mix well.
6) Pour the batter into the pan and set aside.
.....Now to make the topping ....

 Ingredients for the cream cheese topping :-
250g Cream Cheese (at room temperature)
35g Granulated Sugar
1 Egg
1/2 tsp Vannila Extract

Method :-
1) Mix in all the ingredients and beat until smooth.
2) Add in the beaten cream cheese on top of the batter.
3) Drop 1/2 tbsp of the reserved batter on top of the
beaten cream cheese in sequence or anywhere you like
it and swirl it into pattern.
4) Bake 40 minutes with a small cup of water beside the
pan (doing so, won't crack my brownies)

You have to bake it in order to know the taste and texture
and how supercilious it is.
Happy Baking.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tamago and Lumpfish Caviar Maki Roll (Sushi Roll)

Tamagoyaki and Caviar Maki Roll (Sushi Roll)

 I am not an expert in Japanese Language but I LOVE their food.
Made this Tamagoyaki and Caviar Maki Roll last week to try out the Maki Roll gadget that my
beloved daughter bought for me.  I was so excited receiving this gift from her.
With this gadget, you can make the maki roll without any hassle.
Comparison between using the gadget and the bamboo mat are not the same.
The roll from the gadget is not that tight compare to the bamboo mat but
less hassle.  To me, as long as the taste is good, the other flaw is not an issue.

 Some flavoured sushi rice.
Some finely shredded Romaine Lettuce.
Some Lumpfish Caviar.
Some Dried Roasted Seaweed

 Maki Roll Gadget (that my beloved daughter bought for me)

 Put some rice and spread evenly.
Put some shredded Romaine Lettuce.
Put some finely cut Tamagoyaki or Lumpfish Caviar.
Lastly, put some rice and spread evenly.

 Close the gadget and shake shake shake.
Put cut Dried Roasted Seaweed into the hole and then shake shake until all went inside.
Open the gadget and cut the maki roll into few pieces.
Isn't it is easy as writing abc?

Well, to thank my daughter, I made a few pieces for her lunch next day.
I had fun making this Maki Roll and definitely will use this gadget in near future.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hokkien Style Fried Minced Pork Meat Balls

Hokkien Style Fried Minced Pork Meat Balls

Firstly, I am taking this opportunity to wish all my family, relatives, friends, colleagues and
everybody a very happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you good health, great joy and
happiness, abundance of wealth and longevity.

For this year's reunion dinner, all my sisters in law including myself planned to cook 
two dishes from each family. Yeap! There were a lot of home cooked dishes on the table.
My mother in law has seven sons and two daughters. Gosh... imagine those food on the table.
I cooked this dish (Hokkien Style Minced Pork Meat Balls) and

This recipe is from my mother and I am very happy with the result.  My husband also
said delicious when I did the trial run.  Hope you will enjoy this dish with your
family and friends.  Happy cooking!

316g Minced Pork (RM5.00)
58g Minced Fish Paste
58g Water Chestnuts (I used Chinese Turnip / Jicama)  chopped finely
50g Carrot (chopped finely)

1tsp Sesame Oil
1tsp Chinese Five Spice Powder
1tsp Salt
1tsp Pepper
1tsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Tapioca Flour
*the above seasonings are to taste

 1) Combine well the ingredients and seasoning in a bowl until all stick together.
2) Once well combined, slap the meat against the bowl several times until sticky.
3) To make balls, take handful of the meat in the palm and squeeze it out 
between your thumb and index finger into a meat round ball.
*Well, after squeezing a few balls, I opted using an ice-cream scoop (medium size)
which faster and less hassle.
4) With high fire, heat up the cooking oil and fried all those balls into batches with medium fire.
5) Absorb those oil with cooking paper towel.
6) Serve while it is warm.

It is more delicious and refreshing to eat when you wrap the ball with romaine vegetable.
This ideal was from my dear husband.

I am submitting this dish to
"Cook & Celebrate : Chinese New Year 2016" event

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cheesy Garlic Bread (Cheesy Garlic Pull Apart Bread)

Cheesy Garlic Bread
(Cheesy Garlic Pull Apart Bread)
We just love cheese.
Had this for our breakfast for consecutively two weeks.
Bad for our waist...but yummy.  You won't say no to yummy food.

1 Crusty Loaf
1 cup of shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1 cup of Cheddar Cheese
100g of Butter
1 tablespoon of Garlic Powder
1/2 cup of finely chopped Cilantro

Note : 
Slice the bread vertically but do not cut all the way through.
Once the Butter has softened, mix with Garlic Powder and finely chopped Cilantro.
Mix together the Mozzarella Cheese and Cheddar Cheese.

 Spread the Butter mixture to the bread.
Stuff the cheese mixture (Mozzarella and Cheddar) into the bread.
Put some of the cheese mixture and butter mixture on top of the bread.
If you have some balance of the chopped cilantro, do put on top of the bread looks nicer and prettier. Cover with aluminium foil and 
bake at 190 Degree Celsius for 15 minutes of until the cheese is
melting and then take away the aluminium foil and
bake further 15 minutes.

Isn't it is yummy?

By now everyone has heard about Paris, France under terror attack.
100 over innocent people has died.
May their souls rest in peace.
Our prayer and thoughts are with the deceased family.

Eiffel Tower looks so calm and strong.
Same goes to France.


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