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Butter Sugar Buns

Butter Sugar Buns  I was so excited with the verdict from my husband after he had the 1st bite fresh from oven. Well, this recipe will be kept in my record.  This bun is not a plain bun, it has tangy buttery saltiness from the butter and sweetness from the caster sugar.   So, you don't have to spread any of your favourite jam. Thanks to oladybakes for this recipe.

 Ingredients :-

250g Japanese Bread Flour10g Milk Powder (or any Creamer)45g Japanese Sugar (or Caster Sugar)4g Instant Yeast120ml Fresh Milk1 large size beaten egg (kept 1/4 for egg wash)30g Salted ButterExtra Caster Sugar for sprinkleExtra Salted Butter - 9 small cubes (photo as per below)
Method :-

Add Japanese Bread Flour, Milk Powder, Japanese Sugar and Instant Yeast into a mixing bowl and mix well.Add Fresh Milk and 3/4 of the beaten egg into the dry ingredients.

 Method :-

Knead with speed 2.5 to 3 and when you see rough ball formed (not full ball), add butter and knead again until you see the dough turn elastic (in …

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