Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips
Tomorrow, Sunday lunch, my husband and kids wanted to eat Fish and Chips and after our dinner, off we go to Tesco Kajang to buy some ingredients to cook it. When we reached Tesco, I suddenly remembered that today is a Saturday and the Selangor State had started a campaign called "No Plastics Bag Day In Selangor Every Saturday" and my whole family said it is cool as long as we're contributing to this campaign. When we are at the cashier, the cashier politely told me about this campaign and if we do not agreed to it, they will charge us RM0.20 cents per bag and told him that we agreed to the campaign. While he was scanning our purchases, I asked him whether there are customer who scolded him about this campaign and he said "YES". Pity him. Well, there are some stuck up people out there and we all hope that those people will learn fast and if not, their children or grandchildren will suffer in years to come. Make this world a clean world to live.

This recipe of Fish and Chips is very easy to cook.
Happy trying! Have a happy weekend.

I bought 800 g of Frozen Dory Fillet.
Some of it still inside the fridge.
Thaw the Dory Fillet.

Wash and cut 8 potatoes into strips.
Pat dry with kitchen towel.

130 g of flour
250 ml of milk
some salt and pepper

Make a well in the center and then pour in milk slowly while stirring.

Keep on pouring and stirring until done.

Once done, you will notice that there will be a lot of bubble
and then keep at one side.

Heat up your fryer.

Pour all the potatoes into the fryer.

Lift up the fryer basket for 3 minutes after frying more than 5 minutes
or slightly brown and then fry again until brown.
I did it this way in order for my fried potatoes to be crispy outside
and fluffy inside.

Once done, pour all the fried potatoes on top of the kitchen towel
to absorb those oil and sprinkle some fine salt.

Dip the dory fillet into the batter.

Make sure you submerge the whole dory fillet into the batter.

Place the dory fillet into the basket fryer and fried until golden brown.
Make sure you don't off and on try to lift up the dory fillet,
if not, your dory fillet will be broken into pieces.
Be patience! In order to have a perfect fried fish.

Once done, place the fried dory fillet on top of the kitchen towel
to absorb those oil.

Now, you can place the fried potatoes, fried dory fillet
on to the serving plate and squeeze some tartar sauce
or maybe you prefer ketchup sauce.
Happy Eating!

(Note : This dish for my whole family of 4 cost us only less than
RM16.00. Imagine how much it will cost us if we go out and drinks.)


Anonymous said…
looks good!
This recipes is very closely to make Tempula without using milk.
Amy Cheong said…
ANONYMOUS: Thanks for your information!

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