Fried Crab Sticks

Fried Crab Sticks
Chinese New Year will fall on 14 February 2010.
Yeap, exactly on Valentine Day!
Anyway, my family and I would like to wish all Chinese (far and near)
A Happy Chinese New Year and
all those love birds A Happy Valentine Day.

This snack has become a very popular snack during Chinese New Year.

Preheat your fryer.

Make sure you have thawed your crab sticks at room temperature.

Shred crab sticks either by using your fingers or knife.
I prefer using knife in order to have all in the same sizes.

OR may instead of shredding your crab can cut into square.

Once the oil has been heated up, pour crab sticks into the fryer net.

Lower down the net fryer to fry crab sticks.

Once cooked and brown, lift up the net fryer
and let it be for around 2 minutes to let the oil drip out.

Then, pour crab sticks into paper towel to absorb those oil and cool.

Once cool, pour crab sticks into container.
Make sure it is cool before pouring into the container....if not your crab sticks
will become soft later and won't be crispy.
Happy frying and Happy Chinese New Year.


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