Hard Boiled Egg

Hard Boiled Egg

There are a few requests from my friends to blog
"How to make Hard Boiled Egg".

First, you pour water into a cooking pot or corning ware.
Then, you pour some few uncooked rice into it.

Secondly, put in eggs into the pot or corning ware,
and then turn on the fire.

Thirdly, let it boil.....until the rice is cooked.

By biting the cooked rice, you will know it is cooked when the inside of the rice is soft.
If inside of the rice is still hard, then let it boil again until the rice is cooked.
Once the eggs are cooked, lift it up and let it cool.

(Note : That is the trick by checking whether the egg is cooked or not.
Taught by my mother.)

Once the eggs are cooled, peel off the egg shell.
Such beautiful Hard Boiled Egg.

(Note : If the egg is not cool, then it is very difficult to peel off the egg shell.)


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