Original Doughnut

Original Doughnut
Everybody love Doughnut.
This recipe is for Original Doughnut.
It is crispy outside and soft inside.
Do try it out....you won't regret it.

100g superfine flour (cake flour)
400g high protein flour
10g instant yeast

20g milk powder
80g caster sugar
10g fine salt

50g egg
250g water

100g butter (room temperature)

Stir in superfine flour, high protein flour and instant yeast.

Mix in milk powder, sugar and salt.

Pour in egg and water.

Use dough hook and beat for 5 minutes.

Pour in the butter and mix well with hand.

After mixing and if the dough still cling to your fingers,
pour in 1/2 tablespoon of high protein flour and mix again.
Repeat the same, if the dough still cling to you finger.

Mix the dough until smooth and elastic.
(Make sure you did not pour more than 1 tablespoon of high protein flour.
I poured twice only. Too much of flour will make the doughnut hard.)

When you notice your dough is smooth, elastic
and does not stick to your finger, then it is done.

Cover with cling film for 30 minutes.

It is done, when the dough rise double in size.

Sprinkle flat tray with some high protein flour (to avoid sticking).

Sprinkle your work table and roller pin with some high protein flour (to avoid sticking).

Take out half of the dough and flatten it to 1.5 cm using the roller pin.

Using doughnut cutter, cut as many as possible.

Then, place it on top of the flat tray which we have earlier sprinkle with flour
and leave it for another 30 minutes to rise.

Heat up the oil.

Put in the cut doughnut and fried until done with low fire.
Do NOT use high fire...you will burn your doughnut.
Remember always occasionally turn the doughnut to evenly brown the doughnut.
Once done, lift it up and place on the tray to drip away the oil.

Once the oil has been dripped, put it on top of the kitchen paper towel
to absorb more oil.

Once, the doughnut is cool, sprinkle with some extra caster sugar.

Some like to eat with caster sugar
and some like to eat without caster sugar.

By the time, I have finished frying those doughnut,
my husband, son and daughter had finished half of the quantity.
This dough make quite a lot...I even gave some to my neighbour.


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