Dried Snow Pear Drink

Dried Snow Pear Drink

The Chinese medicine shop lady told me
to boil this drink for my kids to reduce their pimples.
Well, I have boiled daily for more than 2 weeks and
I noticed some improvement in their faces.
The lady told me that they have to drink every day .......
4 to 5 glasses per day (if not, there won't be any improvement).
Well, hope she is correct and cross my fingers.

8 slices of dried snow pear (this type of pear is the yellow skin pear)
2 pieces of 'Muk Joe' (I will find the English translation later)

(you can purchase these two ingredients from any Chinese Medicine Shop)

Wash the Snow Pear Slices and 'Muk Joe' and put into a pot.
Pour 2 litres (2,000 ml) of water.

Boil for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes....take out the 'Muk Joe' and
use a fork to mash it to pieces.
(remember not to switch off the fire while you are doing this)
Then, put back the 'Muk Joe" inside the pot again.

And boil for further 25 minutes and
switch off the fire and let it cool.
Once cool, strain the drink with a strainer and
pour into a tumbler.

If you can't finish the drink,
pour into a tumbler and keep inside the fridge to drink tomorrow.
It is best to drink all in the same day.


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