Sea Coconut Herbal Drink

Sea Coconut Herbal Drink

Either it is cold or hot, you sure won't decline this drink
if it is placed in front of you.
My son wants it cold, my daughter wants it hot and
my husband and I....anything.
What a weird family but the end result...everyone sure will have
a happy and satisfied stomach.
It is refreshing and cool to your body.

Do try try it out.
(Note : There is no measurement but it is based
on your instinct)

Few pieces of Rock Sugar Cane
(you can get it from Chinese Medicine Shop or Sundry Shop)

8 pieces of Sea Coconut...washed, drained and peel off the skin and cut into strips
(you can get it from Wet Market)

One handful of Dried Longan
(you can get it from Chinese Medicine Shop)
(wash and drained)

Get ready a pot and fill with water and
pour in the Sea Coconut and Dried Longan

Boiled for 30 minutes with high fire and
then another 30 minutes with medium fire.
Then, pour in the rock sugar cane and
once the sugar are dissolved, taste it...if not enough of
sweetness, pour in more rock sugar cane.
Once done, switch off the fire.

(Note : After 40 minutes and found that some water
has evaporated and it won't be enough to drink,
please pour more water and boil further)

Well, Well, Well, picture said a thousand words.
If you like hot, by all means...drink it there and then.
But, if you like it cool, please put inside the fridge for 1 hour
or until it is cool.

If you can't finish all, pour into a container and
put inside the fridge to drink it the next day.


Jasmine Pang said…
Amy, I can't get the sea coconut from the Chinese Medicine Shop? Wet market is off limits to me though.
Shahzaib Khan said…
Wow mouthwatering and very tasty looking recipe. I will definitely try this at home. Have you tried Pakistani Cooking Recipes I love all Pakistani Recipes and mostly the appetizers by zarnak sidhwa recipes

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