Carrot And Potato Porridge

Carrot And Potato Porridge
On Thursday, my son received his Cambridge A Level Examination
result and Yahoo....!!! he has passed but unfortunately,
he cannot celebrate it because he is in pain from the extraction of his
wisdom tooth. It is a major operation and doctor said will take
about a month to heal. Pity him, his face is swollen and has to
take soft food only. Today, I am cooking Carrot and Potato Porridge for him.
Next week, he will be starting his Bachelor of Law.

Wash 1 1/2 cup of rice and drain.

Pour in some salt and oil (foreground).
Mix thoroughly and marinade for 1 hour.
(By doing this way, your porridge will be smooth in texture)

One carrot and one potato, wash, peel and dice.

With the rice, pour water to the pot (1/2 level).

Once boil, lift up the cover.
(Remember to watch over the pot while boiling)

Pour in the carrot and potato.

Turn the fire to medium, and while boiling, remember to stir occasionally,
if not, your rice will burnt underneath.

Keep on boiling and stirring until the water has been
lessen, if the taste is not enough,
pour in more salt.

Once look like this, then turn off the fire.
(If the porridge is too thick, then pour in hot water and stir,
repeat the process until to your liking)

Scoop into serving bowl, sprinkle some pepper, sesame seed oil
or some chopped spring onion or coriander.
Isn't it look delicious, my daughter and I also eat it........
By evening, all the Carrot and Potato porridge is gone.


Anonymous said…
Shameless braggart! Bachelor of law?
Anonymous said…
What's your problem? Is there something wrong with her being proud of her son? only I saw the 1st and 2nd Anonymous. Well, thanks to the 2nd Anonymous for defending me. I won't hold grudges on the 1st Anonymous but instead I pity his/her parents for bring him/her up wrongly. I hope in future you will turn into a human being with compassion instead of having hatrage to a total stranger. I am indeed proud of my son and daughter.
Vanessa said…
And you have every right to be proud. Some people don't know how much anxiety and worry parents go through when their children sit for national exams, and the preparation that went into it.

In any case, I was wondering if I could add minced pork to this? But I'm not sure how to marinate the pork.

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