Braised Tow Fu Pok

Braised Tow Fu Pok

Our whole family just love all sort of bean curd.
Today, I am cooking Braised Tow Fu Pok for dinner.

Some Tow Fu Pok and Fish Paste.

With a knife, slit one side only to open up the Tow Fu Pok
and scoop one spoonful of fish paste into it.
Repeat the same process for all the Tow Fu Pok.
If you have balance of the Fish Paste,
keep at one side for the time being.

After the process, look like this.

Heat up the non stick pan with little bit of oil.

Pan fried the fish paste side of the Tow Fu Pok only until slightly brown.

Once done, dish out.

Pour all the Tow Fu Pok and 2 cups of water
into the pot and boil.

Balance of the Fish Paste.

2 tablespoons of Oyster Sauce, 1 tablespoon of Soya Sauce,
dash of Pepper and Sesame Oil (combined well).

After 15 minutes boiled, scoop fish paste into the pot
and cook further 10 more minutes.
Pour all the sauce, combined well and cook further 15 minutes.

Once done and taste is correct, garnish with some chopped spring onion
and serve with hot rice.
Isn't it is delicious and simple to cook!


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