Cream Cheese Kikuo's Orange Butter Cake

Cream Cheese Kikuo's Orange Butter Cake

You will love it!
I finished with the cake at around 3.00 pm and
by late afternoon, the balance of the cake left only 1/2.

250 g cream cheese (thaw at room temperature)
2 tablespoons milk
200 g icing sugar

Pour all the cream cheese, icing sugar and milk into
the beater bowl.

Beat until combined and smooth.

Put aside.

Once your cake is baked, let it cool for 10 minutes and
run around the baking tin with a knife to loosen the cake.

Put the Orange Cake at a serving plate and
let it cool further.

Once totally cool, cut the cake into half.
Make sure the bottom cut cake is always higher
than the top cut cake.

Look like this.

Spread evenly the cream cheese on top of the bottom cake.

And close it with the top cake.
(Just like making sandwich)

Cut into desired sizes.

Yummy, your whole family sure will love it.

I know it is fattening...exercise half an hour after eating it.
Ha! Ha! Ha!


I am sure this will be a very appetizing cake for tonight's dessert with the butter, nice work :)

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