Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Who does not love chocolate?
Well, today, I am baking this Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Topping
for my son and daughter.

My son - promised him last week that will bake for him this cake.
My daughter - will be sitting her SPM next week, Tuesday.
Just wanted to perk her up and wishing her all the "Good Luck".
My husband and I - no special reason...just tag along to eat it only.

100g dark chocolate.
Melt it by using the double boil method.
Make sure the water does not touch the bottom of the smaller bowl.
Use low fire.
Make sure the water does no goes inside the chocolate,
if not your chocolate will be curdle.
Wipe it with kitchen towel if the water did creep out........

Once melted, pour in the 50g icing sugar and
4 tablespoons of whipping cream.
Let is melt and well combined.

Once well combined, put out the fire and put at one side.

For the cake, please refer to my recipe
"Plain Chocolate Cake" under cakes section.

Cut the cake in half horizontally through the centre.

With the bottom of the cake, pour in the chocolate sauce.

Spread the chocolate sauce evenly.

Place the top cake over the bottom cake.

Then, pour the remaining of the chocolate sauce
on top of the cake.

Spread evenly.

Isn't it is delicious by just looking at it?

Simply gorgeous, delicious, mouth watering ..............
You must bake this cake....definitely your family
or friends will love it.


That looks great. I like how you used chocolate for this.

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