Your waist line will definitely shrink if you take salad everyday.

I had it for lunch today because I am not that hungry because
I had heavy Dim Sum for breakfast with my husband before I send
him to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) for his trip to Sabah.
It is just a day trip....will be back by midnight
and will fetch him from Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).
In Selangor, we have 3 airports and the 3rd is called Subang Airport.

Salad - it is very easy to try it out.

My son asked..."Mummy! Why you want to blog Salad?"
My reply...some people do not know how to make salad.
So, I am showing them that it is very easy to make.

Lettuce - Clean, Drain and Shred.
Cherry Tomato - Clean and Drain.
Cucumber - Clean and Slice.
Hard Boiled Egg - Cut into quarter.
French Dressing Vinaigrette.

Put the lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber into a bowl and
pour in some French dressing vinaigrette and mix thoroughly.

After mixing thoroughly, put in the egg, crouton and mix again.
(By doing this way, the crouton won't be soft...still crunchy)

Yummy! Yummy!


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