Stir Fried Arrowhead Root (Nga Ku)

Stir Fried Arrowhead Roots (Nga Ku)
This dish is my favourite dish.
I can eat by itself without any rice.

A few stalks of Local Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce or
Romaine Lettuce (Yau Mak).
The above is Local Lettuce and a few pieces of Arrowhead Roots.

Wash and drain the Local Lettuce.
Wash, drain, peel and slice the Arrowhead Roots.

Head up the wok and oil.

Pour in the Arrowhead Roots and stir fried
for a short while.

Then pour in sufficient water and
cook until soften.

Once cooked, pour in oyster sauce and dash of salt and pepper.

Dish out into serving plate.

Take out one piece of Local Lettuce,
give a few dash of sweet sauce or chilli sauce and
put on top of the Local Lettuce with some pieces
of Arrowhead Roots.
Roll it and eat immediately.
You can eat the Stir Fried Arrowhead Roots
with rice.


This dish is new to me. All your dishes sound so delicious, must find one day to fry some of your recipe.
Amy said…
My dishes are simple and easy to cook. Do try it out and remember to read carefully my instructions. Happy cooking!

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