Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil

Jasmine Pang, our dear colleague will be leaving us next week Friday
for another company. Will be missing her.
She has asked me how to make this Garlic Oil and being herself who
does not even hold a quite blur when I told her all the steps.
Well, I am recording this into my blog for her easy reference.
Take care, dear Jasmine Pang and may your new job is better than this one.

Peel and chopped garlic.
Some corn oil.

Switch on the microwave to High for 7 minutes
or until the garlic slightly turn brown.
Switch off the microwave and let it until cold.
While you are letting the garlic oil cold, the hot oil
still turn the garlic to even more brown.
Now, you can use to sprinkle to your steam bean curd,
steam fish, steam vegetables, dried noodles and etc etc.


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