Pan Fried Salmon

Pan Fried Salmon
One of my friends asked me how to pan fry salmon
without breaking into pieces.
Told her the method and she said I am her saviour because
her family will enjoy home cooked pan fried salmon without burning
their pocket. Glad to know that.
Isn't it is wonderful to know other people are happy with our help?

One piece of salmon.
Clean and pat dry the salmon.

Heat up the non-stick pan.
Make sure the non-stock pan is hot hot hot........

Drizzle some cooking oil.
(Not so much, please)

Before putting in the salmon, make sure
your non-stick pan is hot hot hot......

Around 3 minutes, if you can move the fish,
then it is done, if not, leave it to pan fry further....until done.
if you force it, you will break the fish.

Pan fry the other side for another less than 3 minutes.
Again, if you can move the salmon, then it is done.
If not, then pan fry further.....until done.

Once done, place it on a serving dish.
Happy Cooking.......


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