Steamed Yam Cake (Wu Tow Kou)

Steamed Yam Cake.

My nephew (husband side) gave me this recipe.
Today, I did two round trays....and you must be thinking
that I am crazy but I need to give to my sister-in-law staying in Puchong,
my neighbour and lastly my colleague.
I am so happy to share my yummy Steamed Yam Cake with
those people that I loved and liked.
:) :) :)

One stalk of Spring Onion - Wash, drain and cut.
120g Dried Shrimps - Wash, soak and mince.
120g Peanuts.
3 cloves of Garlic - Peel, wash and chop.
One packet of Salted Vegetables (Choy Poh) - Wash, Soak and drain.
One Yam - Wash, peel and dice.

2 1/2 cups of Warm Water.
250 g Rice Flour.
120 g Wheat Flour.
1 tsp Chinese Five Spice.
1 tsp White Pepper.
3/4 tbsp Salt.
1 tbsp Sugar.

Peanut - Do not wash.
Cubed Yam.
Chopped Garlic.
Salted Vegetables (Choy Poh).
Minced Dried Shrimps.

Oil the tray.

Mix well the rice flour, wheat flour, chinese five spice,
white pepper, salt sugar.
Then, add in the warm sugar and mix well.

Until no lump and keep at one side.

Pan fried without oil the peanut with slow fire.
Once done and cool, rub the peanuts with both hands
in order for the skin to break off and blow off the skin.
Keep at one side.

Pan fried the salted vegetables (choy poh) without oil.
Keep at one side.

Stir fried the garlic and dried shrimps with oil.

Once cooked, dish out half of it and keep at one side.

The other half of the stir fried dried shrimps, let it be in the wok.
Then, pour in the cubed yam.

Stir fried for less than 10 minutes and dish out.
Keep at one side.

The mixture of the garlic, dried shrimps and
cubed yam.....pour into the batter.

Mix thoroughly.
And then, pour into the oiled tray.

Put the yam batter tray into the steaming pot.
(Must remember that the water in the steaming pot must be
boiling before you put in the yam batter for steaming)
Steam for 45 minutes.

For garnishing :-

Skinless Peanut.
Balance of the Stir Fried Garlic and Dried Shrimps.
Drained Salted Vegetables (Choy Poh).
Cut Spring Onion.

Once done, let it cool at room temperature.

Sprinkle the Steamed Yam Cake with those garnishing.
Isn't it is lovely to eat....yummy......with sweet sauce or chilli.

My husband said the texture is a bit hard and my kids said ok.
Tomorrow, will blog the comment from my sister in law
and colleague.
(Comment from my sister in law and colleagues - taste good
but a bit my conclusion for next try....cut down the
Wheat Flour to 80g)

To me.....soft or a bit hard....I am ok to it because the taste
is better than outside store.


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