Simple Salad

Simple Salad

Not sure what to eat for my lunch today and
since I have all these ingredients inside my fridge,
might as well make this Simple Salad.
And more over, my hubby went out to meet his friend
from China, my son and daughter went out also to meet
their friends. Yeap! left me alone in the house.
Anyway, I am too tired to go out because we came back
from Hat Yai, Thailand holiday this morning at 2.00 am.
Ten hours of drive because of the heavy traffic along the highway.
We had great time over there eating, shopping and relaxing.

Some Baby Butterhead or Lettuce - Clean, drain and tear into pieces.
Some Cherry Tomatoes - Clean, drain.
Some Cucumber - Clean, drain and slice thinly.

(If you have any other vegetables e.g. Bell Pepper, Celery.......
by all mean use it)

Drizzle with some of your favourite sauce.
My favourite is Thousand Island Sauce.
Toss and combine well.

What a healthy dish.
Simple as A B C - to make and eat
Enjoy it!


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