Crispy Fish Cake With Wholemeal Tortilla

Crispy Fish Cake With Wholemeal Tortilla

Isn't it look delicious?
My whole family said inside is crispy and outside is soft.
Its delicious and healthy! I made this last weekend for our breakfast.
Hope you try it out because it is very simple to make.
Its just lovely to have the whole family sitting down eating
breakfast and talk nonsense.
:) I am one happy wife and mother.

Warm up the wholemeal tortilla with a non stick pan.
(Note : No need to use any cooking oil or butter)

Warmed wholemeal tortilla.
Fried fish cake and sliced it into 4 strips.
Some shredded lettuce.

Place a few slices of the fish cake on top of the wholemeal tortilla.

Then, place the shredded lettuce and some of
your favourite sauces e.g. tomato sauce, chilli sauce,
thousand island sauce or BBQ sauce. (the choice is yours)

Use your finger tips and roll the wholemeal tortilla.

Roll up to the end and cut into half.

Serve with your favourite drinks.


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