Red Bean Paste

Red Bean Paste
You can use this Red Bean Paste in a lot of desserts.
The following steps to show you how to make it.

150g Red Bean (wash and drain)
50g Caster Sugar.

Boil the Red Bean with 1.5 liter of water until the
Red Bean become soft with medium fire.
It takes around 1 hour.

Turn off the fire.

Drain all the water.

Pour the cooked Red Bean into the food processor and
process the Red Bean until fine or to your desired texture.

Pour back the Red Bean Paste into the pot and
cook again to dry the paste.

Look like this when it is not cook too dry if
you wanted this Red Bean paste for your Dorayaki.
I find it cannot stick well to my pancake.

(Note : I have omitted oil when the recipe called for it,
Next time, I will pour in some oil.)

Let it cool.
If you wanted to use it another day, put into the freezer.


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