Dried Anchovies Broth (Soup)

Dried Anchovies Broth (Soup)

Instead of chicken soup, you can use this
Dried Anchovies Soup (Kong Yee Chai Tong in Cantonese)
as your soup base for noodles soup, vegetables soup and etc.
Very easy to make, if you have made extra,
you can frozen it for another day to use.

2 cups of Dried Anchovies Soup - wash and drain.

(if you purchase whole dried anchovies, please take out
the bones and inner stuff)

Heat up 1 cup of cooking oil.

Once heated up, pour in the dried anchovies and
stir fry until slightly brown......not overly brown,
if not your soup will be bitter.
Then pour in water.

Let it boil for 1/2 an hour.

After a while, impurities will be floating on top,
scoop it out and boil further. Taste it and add
pepper and salt, if prefer.
Swtich off the fire.

Well, isn't it is easy to boil?

Dried Anchovies Soup (Kong Yee Sai Tong in Cantonese)

I use this soup quite often for my noddle soup, vegetables soup
and etc.


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