I still remember that during the Seventies and Eighties,
there are Kacang Men selling kacang (nuts)
with their beca (bicycle) around our housing area or market
or maybe having their stall near a few well known cinemas e.g.
Odean, Pavilion, Cathay, Rex and etc (too bad that these
cinemas has been demolished to make way for new building).
One of the nuts that the Kacang Man selling are this boiled Groundnuts
which is my husband favourite, I think a lot of Malaysian also like it!
Am I right?

4 handfuls of Ground nuts.

Boil a pot of water with 1 tablespoon of salt.

Once the water is boiled, pour in the Groundnuts
and boil until the nuts are cooked or soft.
These Groundnuts very 'Ngan Keng in Cantonese'
(stubborn).....I boiled for 45 minutes.

With colander, drain the water.

While the Groundnuts are still piping hot......peel off the
outer skin and eat it immediately.

(I know my husband can't wait to dig in because
while I was boiling the Goundnuts, I have forgotten to cover the pot and
it was him who cover the pot and told me that by covering
the pot, the Groundnuts will cook faster....
Aiyah! as if I do not know it....I just forgotten mah!..."No worry,
I did not said aloud to him.....only in my head-lah)


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