Pan Fried Dried Bean Curd With Fish Paste

United Buddy Bears
promote living together in peace and harmony.
You should bring your family, friends to visit a total of
147 larger than life sculptures at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
These painted bear sculptures are individually designed by
artists from all the countries recognised by the United Nations.
It will only exhibit until 15February 2012
and will make their way to another country,
Malaysia is the 1st South-East Asian country to be chosen for its tour.
The Buddy Bears exhibition was 1st held in Berlin in Year 2002.

My daughter and I took this
United Buddy Bear called Luxembourg after our
dinner at Jogoya, Starhill, yesterday night. Three of us including my son
had dinner celebrating my son 2nd Moot participation organized
by his college and also to derail my daughter sadness over one
of her college friends back stabbing among themselves.
Thanks God, they found out before everything got out of hands.
Well, I have told her that if this friend of their does not appreciate
their friendship, then forget about her and carry on with their life.

Below is the picture of my son cooking Shabu-Shabu at
Jogoya......we have fun eating, talking, laughing and etc,
too bad that my husband did not join us because he is away
for business.

Back to cooking recipe .........

Pan Fried Dried Bean Curd With Fish Paste

You will love this dish. Easy to cook.
My family favourite dish.

3 pieces of Dried Bean Curd Sheet
180 g Fish Paste.

Soak the Dried Bean Curd Sheets with water
until remember DO NOT SOAK
the Dried Bean Curd Sheets become white in colour.

Drain the water and drip dry.

Cut into your desired size.

Place one teaspoon of Fish Paste to the middle line
of the Dried Bean Curd sheet.

Fold it and use your finger tips to press the Fish Paste
evenly distribute all over the Dried Bean Curd sheet
in order for the Fish Paste to be cooked thoroughly.

Look like this after you have press it.

After you done all, leave it at one side.

(Don't worry, the quantity is more than the above)

Heat up your pan with cooking oil. I put 3 tbsp.

Place your fish paste bean curd sheets into the heated
cooking oil and pan fry until done.

Then, turn to the other side and pan fry further.
Once done, place on top of the kitchen tower
to soak the extra oil.

Serve at once with rice and other dishes.
I am sure your family will love it.
And don't forget to dip with some chilli sauce.
Happy Cooking.


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