Sugar Water (Syrup)

Sugar Water (Syrup)

One of my friends called me up asking how to make Sugar Water.
Told her that it is very easy to make.
(Please forgive her, she is a working mother and not a cooking mother)

Just wanted to blog this for her or others further reference.

80g of Rock Cane Sugar.
(if you do not have this Rock Cane Sugar,
you can use Caster Sugar)

750ml Water. (lesser water, the sweeter it will be)

If you have Screwpine Leaves, will be better because
it enhance the taste (fragrant).

Boil it for less than 10 minutes and the
Rock Cane Sugar will be dissolved.

Once done, let it cool and keep at one side for later use
or keep in the fridge for another day to use.

Sugar Water (Syrup)


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