Crispy Yam Nest / Crispy Taro Nest

Crispy Yam Nest / Crispy Taro Nest

Hi, I am back.
Today, I made Crispy Yam. Some people called it Taro or
Keladi in Bahasa Malaysia.
Every year without fail, my mother will make it for
Chinese New Year and it will be gone before the
end of the Chinese New Year.

1 Yam (519 g).
50 g Sesame Seeds.
50 g Rice Flour.
1/4 cup (6 ml) Water.

Wash the Yam, peel the outer skin and julienne.

(Note : PLEASE BE REMINDED not to wash the Yam
after you have julienne it. If not, your Yam will
become soggy)

I prefer to use knife to julienne the Yam because I can
control the thickness of the Yam. As my son said "Like a Boss"
After julienne the Yam, the weight is 407 g.

(Note : PLEASE BE REMINDED not to wash the Yam
after you have julienne it. If not your Yam will
become soggy.)

Mix the Yam with Sesame Seeds and Rice Flour until well combined.

You will notice that you can't see the Sesame Seeds.
Where is it? Well, it is hiding at the bottom.
Pour in 1/4 cup (6 ml) of Water and sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon of Salt,
then mix again until well combined.

With the water poured in, the Sesame Seeds will
stick to the Yam and Rice Flour.

(Note : Don't be too greedy with the Rice Flour......
your Yam will be hard as rock.)

Heat up cooking oil.

Make like a nest.

Push the Yam into the boiling oil with high fire.

Once the Yam slightly brown in colour,
then turn it over and fried further.
Keep on turning and turning until it is well fried.
Do not over fried because it will be bitter in taste.

(Note : Remember that once you have occupied the Yam
inside the pan, turn the fire into medium until the Yam is fully cooked.
Repeat from high fire to medium fire until finished.)

You will notice that the oil has 90% stop sizzling,
it's mean that the Yam is fully cooked.
Scoop it out and drain the oil by using paper tower.
Let it 100% cool before putting into container.

End result!

It is very won't regret it.
I have made two medium size containers and
I think it will be gone by end of next week.

Wishing all Chinese A Very Happy Gong Xi Fa Cai.
May this Dragon Year brings you and your family
with joy, longevity and prosperity.


Amy, this is new to me, sound so good and crispy. By the way, is this taste only salty? I don't see you add sugar.
Amy Cheong said…
Hi Sonia. The taste is slightly salty in flavour, it is not meant to be sweet. Thanks for the idea, will try to put sugar, next round. Happy trying :-)

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