Dried Mandarin Orange Peel

Dried Mandarin Orange Peel

Since I was small, my mother loves to boil desserts with this
Dried Mandarin Peel to give some fruity and citrus taste to the dessert.
Today, I am showing you how to make this Dried Mandarin Peel
which you can use to boil Red Bean, Mung Bean and other type of beans dessert.

Thanks to Elly Chong giving me this table towel from Scotland.
Very useful indeed!

Pictures above, from left to right.
1) Get one Mandarin Orange.
2) Peel off the skin.
3) Take out the white membrane (pith).
[or see below another picture how to scrap out the
white membrane (pith)]

Use spoon to scrap out the white membrane (pith)
until you notice the dot in orange colour.

Cleaned.....done.....no more white membrane (pith).
To dry under the sun until dried.

The peel look like this after 4 days.

The peel look like this after 14 days.
Put into container and use it when needed for
Red Bean Dessert, Mung Bean Dessert and etc to give
the dessert with fruity and citrus taste.
Happy Making.


Shahzaib Khan said…
Wow I bet it will be great with beans. I will definitely try this at home. Have you tried Pakistani Cooking Recipes I love all Pakistani Recipes and mostly the appetizers by zarnak sidhwa recipes

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