Crustless Button Mushroom & Sausage Quiche

Crustless Button Mushroom & Sausage Quiche
Isn't it is mouth watering?  
I baked this for my son 21st Birthday which falls on 23rd May.
Now, legally he is free like a Goat (Huh! You must be wondering why Goat?
Because his Chinese Zodiac sign is Goat and it is kind of cute to say free 
like a Goat instead of Bird.  
You must be wandering "What a Weird Mother?" Ha ha Ha).

Daddy and Mummy would like to wish our dearest son,
Yo Hong Quan a Very Happy 21st Birthday.
May you be blessed with good life, good health, good wealth, great joy,
great happiness and great achievements.

Quote from Daddy & Mummy :-
Your birthday takes us back to the day when you were born,
Like a little angel you opened your eyes, your beauty it adorned.
You looked at us and gave us a smile that was so divine,
Even in the darkness, your bright smile would shine. 
Today when we look at you, the smile is still the same, 
So are the lovely set of eyes, from heaven that came. 
But even more than your physical beauty is your heart,
As for your mind it concerned, son you're light our life!
Happy Birthday to our darling son. 

Quote from loving younger Sister :-
The best part of my life is growing up with such a loving brother 
like you.
Thanks for making my life colourful.
Thanks for being my chauffeur, from college back home (or vice versa).
Happy Birthday, Bro.

Birthday Boy and Mummy
Last weekend, we celebrated at TGI Friday at Pavilion.
That day, my dear Husband really spent on all three of us......
should be only to the Birthday Boy but end up my dear Daughter and I
also received presents!
Birthday Boy will be celebrating with all his 21 school and college friends
at Shabu One, Lot 10 on Saturday night.
What a good number "21" school and college friends celebrating his 
21st birthday!
Must buy lottery.....Ooop! I don't gamble.....How?

Daddy and Daughter
(Sshhhhh.....Don't tell my husband)......My dear Daughter knows the way 
to manipulate my dear Husband for things and others goodies.

Mummy and Daughter.
(Another 2 more years, she will be 21 years old).

Both of them growing up very fast, my husband and I getting older and older.
My husband and I are very proud to know that both of them has grown up
to be good person, polite to others, filial to parents and 
grand parents, care for unfortunate people and happy to know that 
both of them don't fight like enemy.  Ha ha Ha.  
I heard a lot of horror stories about siblings fighting among themselves.
The End!  Back to my recipe.

1 1/2 cups of Whipping Cream.
5 Eggs.
15 pieces of Cocktail Sausages (sliced).
175 g Mozzarella Cheese (shredded).
6 pieces of Button Mushroom (sliced) - Forgotten to take photo).
1 tsp of Pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of Salt.

Break 5 Eggs into a bowl.

Pour in the Whipping Cream, Pepper and Salt.

Beat until all combined and leave a one side.

Wash and slice Button Mushrooms.

Saute the Button Mushrooms and Cocktail Sausages for a short while with oil.
(Do not over cooked it).

Look like this.

Pour in all the Button Mushrooms and Cocktail Sausages
into the beaten Whipping Cream & Eggs.
Beat until combined.

Pour the batter into a 9 inches baking dish lined with aluminium foil.
(I lined it with aluminium foil because it is easier for me to take
out the cooked Quiche when it is ready to be eaten.)

Scatter with the shredded Mozzarella Cheese.

Baked at 190 Degree Celsius for 55 minutes or until skewer
came out clean or not wet.

Hu La La....Delicious Delicious.
If you cannot finish it within the day itself, please cover it and put
into the fridge.  If you want to eat it again, you can warm it using oven
or microwave or eat it cold.....the choice is yours.
Happy Baking and Eating.


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