Vegetarian Fried Chives Fritters

Vegetarian Fried Chives Fritters
This is one of my favourite snacks.
Crispy outside and soft inside.
I must be crazy in love with chives, recently I have blogged another
recipe with Chives also....well, as long as it is delicious, why not?
It will be best in the world, if you are eating it with thai chilli sauce
....see  my happy face    :)

I am submitting this Vegetarian Fried Chives Fritters to

1 Egg.
50g Chives (cut into 1 inch length).
300g Flour.
1 tsp five Spice Powder.
1 tsp Salt.
1tbsp rice Flour.
300 ml to 350 ml Water.

 Pour all the above ingredients into a bowl
(except for the Chives).

 Mix thoroughly until combined.

 Lastly, pour in the Chives.

 And mix thoroughly until well combined.
If you noticed that the batter is thick, please pour in more water.
The batter should be runny but not too runny.
If the batter is thick, then the fritter will be hard.
My first three fritters was edible but hard, that is why I pour in more water.

 Once your batter is ready, put at one side.
With a pot with cooking oil, heat up the cooking oil with the ladle inside.
You need to heat up the ladle, if not your batter will stick to the ladle.

 DO NOT SUBMERGE the ladle into the batter.
With a spoon, pour the batter into the ladle until 3/4 full.

 With the batter inside the ladle, put in slowly into the boiling cooking oil.

 A short while, with a chop stick, push the fritter out from the ladle.

 Fry further until both side golden brown, on and off turning both side.
Dish and drain on top of a wire rack.
My mother told me by doing this step, the fritters won't be too oily.

While I was frying these fritters, my family said the weather outside
is so humid and hot, scare after eating it, they will have sore throat.
He he he....they say only....after 1 hour, all gone from the plate.
I manage to eat two pieces only.  Who are the one finished it?
You know I know lah.........
Enjoy it!


ivy sew said…
Amy, this brings back my childhood memories. Remember very well during my childhood, my mum used to make different types of pancakes for us and chives is one of them.. Very yummy indeed.

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