Stir Fried Longevity Noodle

Stir Fried Longevity Noodle
All Chinese like to cook this dish during birthday celebrations
or festivals because this noodle symbolises Longevity. 
My family loves this noodle because the taste is not the same as
the yellow noodle sold on the market which is full of boric acid which
is bad for our health.   With this blog, my kids and I would like
to wish their father / husband respectively "A Very Happy Father's Day"
and also to all father out there in this world.
May my husband be blessed with good health, abundance of wealth,
joy, happiness and longevity.

My dear hubby with Jim Carrey....ewww.....I do not like this actor.
Took it during our Bangkok trip early this year, New Year
at the Madame Tussaud.

From Left to Right :-
My lovely daughter, I, Jackie Chan (Hong Kong Actor),
My Chatter Box Son and My dear Hubby.

Ok...back to the recipe.....Happy Cooking   :)

115g of Choy Sum Vegetable.
400g Longevity Noodle.
110g Tai Tow Choy (Big Head Vegetable).
110g Fish Cake.
9 pcs of Meat Balls.

Meat Balls - Wash, drain and quarter.
Tai Tow Choy (Big Head Vegetable) - Soak for 20 minutes,
rinse and squeeze out the water (do it a few times, if not, 
it will be very salty) and then chop finely.
Fish Cake - Wash, drain and slice.
Choy Sum Vegetable - Wash, drain and cut into 1 inch in length.

Once your pot of water is boiling, pour in all the noodles
to cook it.

Once you tested that the noodles are cooked,
switch off the fire.

Drain the water using the colander.
Save some of the noddles water.

Once your cooking oil is heated up, pour in some
minced garlic and stir fry a few seconds.

Then pour in the Tai Tow Choy (Big Head Vegetable).

Stir fry for a few minutes.

Then pour in the meat balls, fish cake and stir fry further.

Lastly, pour in the vegetable.

Stir fry further until the vegetable is cooked.
Dish out and keep at one side.

With the same wok, pour in some oil and once the oil
is heated up, pour in the noodle and stir try further.
If you noticed that the noodle sticking together,
pour in the noodle water (one cup or more) that you kept earlier.
Stir fry further (you don't have to stir fry so long because
the noddle has been pre-cooked earlier).

Pour in dark soya sauce, soya sauce and pepper.
Sorry lah, I do not measure it because for me, I just agak-agak
(rough estimate).  Try not to pour so much of soya sauce
because your Tai Tow Choy (Big Head Vegetable) is salty.

Lastly, pour in the earlier pre-cooked meat balls, fish cake and
vegetable and stir fry further.  Taste it and adjust the
seasoning further to your choices.

Simple to cook and Delicious to eat.

When I came back from doing errands with my mother,
I found that the noodles all gone.  Even all the plates and dishes
are washed and cleaned.
Later found out that beside my hubby, daughter, son eat it,
my son's friend who drop by at our house couldn't resist this home cooked 
Longevity Noddles.  Keep on telling my son that it is delicious.
My son told me that he force his friend to wash the plate and dish....
so bad of my son but according to my son, his friend is happy
to wash it because his stomach is very happy and full of delicious noodles.


Zoe said…
I really enjoy reading your heart warming post and learning from you how to cook this great noodle dish for your family's Father's Day celebration :D
Quay Po Cooks said…
A family trip to anywhere will be enjoyable. Longevity noodles for birthday is a Chinese Tradition and still being observed by many. My mum cook this too:D
Dear Zoe,

I also enjoyed reading your blog. You gave so much details in your recipes. It is good for the 1st timer.

Dear Lucy,

I love reading your wonderful blog.

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