Stuffed Fried Tauhu (Tauhu Sumbat)

Stuffed Fried Tauhu (Tauhu Sumbat)
Malaysians' favourite snack.  I just love it.
Our company provided us with a free lunch from Monday to Friday and 
last few days ago when I went down to the Cafetaria, I saw this Stuffed Fried
Tauhu at the appetizer corner and without any hesitation,
I quickly took 4 pieces.  Ha Ha Ha...I am not the greedy dragon,
it is 4 small pieces and not the whole 4 pieces.
While eating, I told myself that I am going to make it during this weekend.
Well, as promised to myself, I make it today.
Whoever do not cook, will find this recipe the easier to make.
Do it, I am sure your family or friends will love it.

8 pieces of firm Beancurd (Tauhu).
One Cucumber and One Carrot.

Pat dry the Beancurd and cut diagonally into half.
Shred or slice the cucumber and carrot.

Heat up the cooking oil.

Deep fry all the beancurds around 3 minutes or until crispy on the outside.
Remember to on and off turn the beancurds.

Once done, lift it up and drain the oil by using the rack on top of the pot for
few minutes.  By doing so, your beancurds won't be oily.

Slit the beancurd from one end of the other end.

Pry open slightly by using your fingers and scoop
in the carrot and cucumber.

Look like this.  Put at one side.

Drizzle with some Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

This afternoon I read my daughter's blog (CapturingCaely) and very amused 
towards those insecure young adults.  My daughter is a very well behaved girl 
with high values, she knows what is right and wrong, she does not go out 
hunting for guys or sleep around with guys, kissing guys in the public, hugging 
guys in the public because she needs to concentrate in her A Level seriously 
and the good list goes on and on. Why on earth will this girl in her college think 
that my daughter is chasing after her boyfriend.  I think they watch too much 
of bad TV or movies.  I admit my daughter do have dreams to have good 
boyfriend, but to her, this is not the right time because she wanted to study 
hard to get good results in the A Level, she needs to concentrate in her study 
and not prowling for boys.  My son said that maybe this girl thinks that our 
daughter is prettier, smarter than her, that is why she is so insecure.  
We told her not bother with this kind of things.  We pity their parents.


so long did not eat this tahu sumbat,,yours look so yummy.
Should try it out. It won't disappoint you. Anyway, if you are lazy, you can wait for this coming Ramadan month which all Ramadan stores sure will sell it, if you are lazy to make it......
ivy sew said…
My favourite too :)

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