Linguine With Mushroom Carbonara Sauce

Linguine With Mushroom Carbonara Sauce
My son have always loved carbonara sauce.  
My daughter are so so on sauces. She prefers olive oil.
My dear colleague Elly Chong told Stephanie Chua and me that 
this brand called Dolmio Mushroom & Herbs Sauce is delicious.
So, both of us "Ah Soh" (housewife) bought the sauce
with other ingredients to cook for our family.
Elly did not lie to us, it is indeed "sedap" (delicious).

One bottle (560g) of the Dolmio Mushroom & Herb Sauce.
One can of the Button Mushroom.
350g Linguine Wheat Semolina Organic Pasta.

Drain and wash the button mushrooms and then quarter.
Break all the Linguine into half. (choice is yours)

Heat up the pan with some cooking oil.

Saute the mushroom for less than 5 minutes.

Pour in 3 cups of the sauce.

Cook until bubble comes out and switch off the fire.
Leave at one side.

Boil one pot of water with some salt.
Once the water is boiling, pour in all the Linguine and cook
until al dente.

Once cooked, drain the water by using the colander.

Pour some of the Linguine into serving plate.

Then pour in some sauce.
Isn't it is mouth watering?  Can't wait to dig in.

Next month, I won't be blogging a lot because during early
in the month I will be away overseas for holiday with my
dear colleagues, Stephanie Chua, Elly Chong and
Irene Lee.  Can't wait to travel with them.
And then later in the month, I will be away overseas with family
for holiday.   All the while, my husband does not like
to travel in big group because he hates to wait for this
fellow and that fellow.  He prefers to have a private tour.
Just the four of us.  I know it is a bit expensive but what
to do, since my husband prefers this kind of service.
August 2012, relaxing month for me.


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