Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood Fried Rice
I got this idea when I was browsing inside the Isetan Supermarket 
in KLCC with my daughter.  Firstly, we went 
there to purchase some books from Kinokuniya Bookstore.
Saw this lovely pre-packed seafood consists of prawns,
clams and squids.  I just need to wash it.  Such an easy job...
no need to peel and cut.  Once in a while we need to 
pamper ourselves.  Hehehe.
I need to apologise for not writing down the weight of
all these ingredients because this is just an agak-agak (estimation) only.
Don't be scared if you want to agak-agak (estimate) because
to me, it is not the end of the world!  Good news is that we don't
need to use so much of our brain cells to weigh and weigh and 
write down.

Three bowls of cooked rice (preferably over night).
4 eggs.
Some prawns, squids and clams.

Beat eggs with dash of pepper, soya sauce and salt.

Marinate the seafood with dash of pepper and salt.

Beaten eggs.

Heat up the wok with cooking oil.

Pour in all the seafood and quickly stir fry and then pour in
1/2 tablespoons of cooking rice wine.  

Dish out and put at one side.

Heat up the wok with cooking oil and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Pour in the cooked rice and stir for a few times.

Make a hole in the middle.

Pour in the beaten eggs.

And stir fry until well combined or until the rice has the popping

Then pour in all the cooked seafood.

And stir until done and scoop out into serving plate.

My daughter and I finished all the above.

I am so happy that I have made a good decision by sending my
son to a Legal Firm as Attachment Student for 3 months (since he
is on holiday and will resume his Part 1 LLB in September 2012).
Even though he has a small allowance from the firm but to me, 
the experience and exposure are better than anything else.  
This week will be his 3rd weeks and he is LOVING it.
After the 2nd week, he said "Mummy, practical is better than theory" 
which one can't learn from college.
Now I am cracking my head where to send my daughter to? 
[She is having long holiday while waiting for her Cambridge A Level, either
she will start her LLB (yeap! following her brother's foot step) 
in September 2012 or January 2013 Intake...she is still pondering. This girl likes to ponder a lot :]


Zoe said…
Both of your children did very well in their academics. You must be very proud of them and I reckon you must be a happy and lucky mum. I think your son might have influence your daughter a little but let her decide carefully because it is going to be her career eventually...

Your fried rice looks very professional cooked and I think you must be feeding your daughter with lots of love in your fried rice... That's why she is so good :p
Thanks for your good words and advise. My daughter read it and she gave me a grin look "on letting her decide".
Apoorva Sai said…
Thanks for giving variety taste of Seafood Fried rice and very healthy. Good taste of number variety Seafood recipes we are giving you. Thanks for posting.
Thanks to you also. You have a lovely blog.

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