Stir Fried Four Angled Beans With Lotus Root

Stir Fried Four Angled Beans With Lotus Root
My family loves this dish.  It is very easy to cook.
You will love this dish if you like to eat crunchy food.

250g Four Angled Beans (wash, drain and slice)
300g Lotus Root (wash, drain, peel the skin and slice)
Some chopped Garlic.
100g Dried Shrimps (soak with water for 5 minutes, wash drain and chop)
3 Dried Chilies (soak with water for 5 minutes and halves)

Heat up the wok with some cooking oil.

Saute the garlic and then the dried shrimps until cook.
Make sure your garlic is not burnt.

Pour in the Dried Chilies and stir fry until the chilies turn into
lighter in colour.

Then pour in the Lotus Root and stir fry further.

Lastly, pour in the Four Angled Beans and stir fry further.

If you noticed your vegetables are a bit dry, pour in 1/2 cup of water
or lesser.  Season with salt (remember not to put so much
 because your Dried Shrimps is salty).

Yummy :) Yummy

Last few days ago, while having dinner with my two kids,
my daughter asked me how does I feel when all my kids have all
grown up?  She asked me this question because in the afternoon, 
my husband sms to us saying that he has bought one 2nd hand
car (MyV) for my daughter to ease her movement when she is 
attending college in a few months time to start her Bachelor of Laws.
I don't feel lonely because both of my kids (son age 21 years old
and daughter age 19 years old) still stick to me like glue :) because
till now, both of them still like to go out shopping with my husband and I, 
still like to watch movie with me and my mother (we have been doing it
since they are young), still go out for supper in the middle of the night
during weekend or holiday, still have breakfast, lunch and dinner together 
as family during all weekends and holidays and etc etc.
BUT I know sooner or later they wouldn't stick to me like glue
when they have love in their life or family.  I am not scare or unhappy 
to think about it because it is still a long way ahead.  
We'll just be happy as a FAMILY.


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