15 Minutes - Stir Fried French Beans, Ladies Fingers & Mushrooms

15 Minutes - Stir Fried French Beans, 
Lady Fingers And Mushrooms
There is a reason why I call this 15 Minutes Food.
In the morning, my daughter was getting ready for work and 
I asked her whether she wanted me to cook anything for her to bring
to work.  She said she has no time to wait for me to cook.
I said it will be a simple dish which take me less than 
15 minutes since I have some ingredients inside the fridge 
and then she is willing to wait.  Without hesitation, I quickly
fly to my lovely kitchen to start preparing and cooking.

One handful of French Beans - Wash and cut.
One handful of Lady Fingers - Wash and cut.
One handful of Mushrooms - Wash and cut the bottom.

Heat up the wok and 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil.

Pour in the French Beans, Lady Fingers and cook
for less than 3 minutes.

Then pour in the Mushrooms.

Cook until it is cooked.

Pour in 1/2 tablespoons of Oyster Sauce.

Cook until the sauce is slightly dry and turn off the fire.
Dish out.

You can eat it with rice but my dear daughter 
prefer to eat it without any rice.
Sure my daughter must be thinking about me while
she is enjoying this dish during her break time.
Another few more months, she won't be
working at The Borders, The Gardens, Mid Valley
because she will be starting her Bachelor of Laws.


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