Chinese Chives Pancake (Thin)

Chinese Chives Pancake (Thin)
Earlier post, I made another thicker version [Chinese Chives Pancake (Thick)] 
but with dried shrimps.  This one is thinner version.  I like both recipes.
I made this for my lunch. No mood to cook anything else.
At least I am in happy mood while preparing and cooking this pancake.

70g Plain Flour / 20g Tapioca Flour / 2 tbsp Rice Flour / 2 tsp Corn Flour
1/2 tsp Chicken Stock Granules / 1/4 tsp Salt / 1/4 tsp Pepper
50g Chives (wash and cut) / 225 ml Pipe Water

Mix in all the dried ingredients (except for water).

Mix the dried ingredients slowly with water until well combined.

Pour in the cut Chives.

Mix thoroughly.

Grease slightly the non stock pan with cooking oil.  Heat up with high fire.

Before you pour in the batter, lower down the fire to medium and
then pour in one ladle of the batter into the pan.

Once you notice some bubble surface, then turn over to the other side
and cook further until both side slightly brown.
This batter yield for 5 pieces only.  If you wanted more pieces, then
increase the quantity to double or triple.

Yummy.....I finished it all by myself...hehehe
Happy Cooking.


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