Citrus Peel Butter Cake

Citrus Peel Butter Cake
Woke up in the early morning to send my husband to the airport
going to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a business day trip.
Later, I didn't know what to do and decided to bake 
this wonderful Citrus Peel Butter Cake to eat and at the same
time to give to my dear daughter's college friend, Fiona that
both of them met during their Cambridge A Level at Taylor's College.
She is one nice and humble girl.  My husband told me that our
daughter told him that her friend, Fiona said that "your dad
does not like me!".  Upon hearing this, I was flabbergasted cause
my husband looks fierce but he is one nice father figure.
Maybe my daughter's friend haven't know my husband yet.
Told my husband next time, try to smile like a crazy man
in front of her and don't look serious because he is
driving away our children friends.
Dear Fiona, if you are reading this, Uncle Yo won't eat
you up....ha ha ha. 

Before you start scrolling down, just to let you know that
I have changed the existing peel from my recipe Kikuo's Orange Butter Cake
 to 2 Lemon Peel and 1 Orange Peel.
The rest of the ingredients and method are the same.
It is very easy to make and do try it out.
Once the cake was baked, you can smell those 
wonderful citrus peel and butter in the whole kitchen.

2 grated Lemon Peel and 1 grated Orange Peel

Bake for 30 minutes or until done and cool for 15 minutes
and turn into a serving plate.

Can't wait to dig in with my green tea.
I texted my husband that I have baked this cake
and waiting for him to come home to eat it
with his coffee....I am not a coffee drinker.

Have a happy weekend.


Karen said…
thanks for your recipe! this looks easy and perfect for breakfast!

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