Foo Yung Tan (Egg with Onion, Spring Onion and Prawn)

Foo Yung Tan (Egg with Onion, Spring Onion and Prawn)

Whenever we have Chinese dinner outside, 7 out of 10 times, we will definitely
order this dish.  We won't be tired of it.  It is very easy to cook
and it's cheap also.  Do try it out.

This late morning, while resting after going to the morning market and cleaning
up those vegetables, meats and fruits that I bought, I came across an article in
the newspaper written by a guy I found I agree with.
Sharing with you as follows his article (it is quite lengthy but try to read it) :-

By Rathi Thevi Pragasam, Manchester

Please, count our blessings.......

I AM writing all the way from Manchester, England, not to illustrate the inclination of my political support nor am I objecting to anybody’s right to vote for whichever party they prefer. However, I do feel duty-bound as a Malaysian to ask my fellow countrymen to count their blessings.
All the meaningful Merdeka and Petronas advertisements over the years seem to be redundant when all Malaysians do nowadays is complain.
I watched and read about people complaining before, during and after the elections regarding a variety of issues ranging from how they just want to see a change because the ruling party has been around for too long to the issue of the elections just being corrupted in general.
It used to interest me when the rakyat asked for betterment but in the run-up to the elections, some people began asking for change just for that – a change. If I were the interviewer, I might be tempted to ask them, by the same reasoning, if they would consider changing their parents or spouses because they too might have been around for far too long.
The human race prides itself upon using reason and logic, but I find no logic in asking for a change unless it is for the better. Believe it or not, some Malaysians actually said they want change to just see what happens when another party takes the helm.
For people who regard the country as an experimental guinea pig, I say their voices in such a serious matter as governance should not be heard at all.
Much is being said about the suspected corruption in the elections but nothing has been proven in a court of law. One can make YouTube videos and blog about all the unfairness until the cows come home but I say that unless an authority that is guaranteed to investigate and determine the veracity of all these allegations can be found, it is healthier for us to accept the results as they stand.
Many Malaysians told me before and during the elections about how they “witnessed” unfair practices but I am puzzled as to why they must wait until the results to start the chaos, if the same people had doubts even before the elections. I cannot and will not suggest remedies for the unsatisfied citizens but it is common sense that one should not cry over spilt milk.
I am not any holier than thou. I admit I have complained about the many weaknesses of Malaysia but only over a teh tarik. At the end of the day, I am grateful for the public schools I attended and thrived in, the general hospital which has ensured the longevity of a dear uncle, the robust civil career of my mother, as well as a country to call home, not having to worry about war.
For those complaining about racism, do take a look at how the black slaves were mistreated in America. In the present day context, it is impossible to walk on the streets of some countries where a person is stabbed solely because of his skin colour.
When some things are constant, we just have to vary our methods and efforts to get what we want. There are many among the minority who did make it and are continuing to do so.
In some countries, there are children dying of starvation and people not ever having seen the inside of a hospital because of their governments’ corruption. We Malaysians not only boast about state-of-the-art hospitals but also world-class sports figures.
Malnourishment and fear of having a bomb dropped on our roofs at any time is a thought beyond most of our comprehension.  
Striving for betterment is a purpose of living but to complain and not count our blessings will only make us bitter, which is counter productive.  Wake up and smell the roses, Malaysia.
~ End ~

As usual, when I am cooking, I'm always lazy to weigh
the ingredients but the result will always turn out great in the end!
Do not be put off whenever there are some recipes without any
measurement for you cause like our mother's cooking, they also
do not have the exact measurement...all agak-agak (estimation).
Just have a good and sharp ability to smell and taste and it will turn out
great and wonderful.

Ingredients for this recipe :-
4 Eggs / 1 Medium Size Yellow Onion / Around 20 pieces of Prawns /
Few Spring Onion

 Eggs - Put a dash of salt and pepper and beat with fork.
Spring Onion - Clean and chop chop roughly but not fine.
Yellow Onion - Clean and chop rougly but not fine.
Prawns - Clean.

Beaten Eggs - Put in the chopped spring onions and stir well combined.

 Heat up your wok or non stick pan with cooking oil.

 Once your cooking is heated up, pour in the chopped yellow onion
and stir fry until half cooked.

 Then pour in the prawns.

 Once your notice that your prawns is half cooked or turn reddish.

Pour in the beaten eggs with spring onion and cook further.
Once you notice that the egg batter is cooked, 
flip over to the other side and cook further until done.

Cooked and Done.

When I turn over to my serving plate, it broke into three pieces...
Aiyoh! Tak Cantik (not pretty to look at) haish BUT 
it does not bother me at all because the taste is great.

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day and Wishing All of You A Very Happy
Mothers' Day and May You Have A Wonderful Day With Your
Family.  As for me, I don't think I want to celebrate it because
my son will be having his 2nd Year LLB exam this coming
Monday... I don't want to stress him out (haish it is the same time
as previous year....never ending exam for my son and daughter).
As long as they did good in their exam, 


Amy , thank you for your strong shout out on my recipes in the magazine. Are you buying this book on every issue?
Ya ya this FYT not only easy to cook and yummy too . My family love another similar omelette , fried carrot eggs.
It has been one year i did not buy this magazine but the Taro Ring caught my eyes when I was buying newspaper. The rest is history. Carrot egg is my daughter favourite dish. Happy Mother's Day to you.
xing hui said…
this is an easy and simple dish but is yummy delicious.

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