Seafood Broth (Soup)

Seafood Broth (Soup)
This broth is very flavourful.  
I like it compare to the Dried Anchovies Broth (Soup).
You can use this broth (soup) for your other cooking.

One handful of Dried Anchovies.  Wash and drain.

25 pieces of prawns.  Wash and drain.
(I need only the head and shell for this broth).
Use the prawn for other cooking.

Heat up one table spoon of cooking oil and 
stir fry the dried anchovies until slightly brown.

 Then pour in the shell of the prawns and stir fry further.

Once you noticed the shell of the prawns turn reddish, pour in
two liters of water.

Boil for 45 minutes.

Season with salt and pepper.

Now you can use this broth (soup) for your other cooking when in need.
If you have extra, keep it in the freezer.


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