Stir Fry Roast Pork (Siew Yoke) With French Beans And Five Spice Bean Curd

Stir Fry Roast Pork (Siew Yoke) With 
French Beans And Five Spice Bean Curd
The above dish is just like one stone killing two birds....oooh I am not a birdie
killer, just a matter of expression, haha!  Well, my husband and son
like the Roast Pork (Siew Yoke), my daughter likes the French Beans and
lastly, I like the Five Spice Bean Curd.
This week will be the 2nd last week of June 2013.  Time flies so fast,
another one more week, we will be going into the 2nd half of the year.
Do you want it to be fast or slow? For me, I am not sure. Something for you to ponder.

Today, my daughter went to college to be interviewed for Moot Competition.
She succeeded for the 1st and 2nd round and now awaiting result.
Before she went to college, she backed out suddenly because 
she didn't revise all her notes.  I push her to go ahead and 
told her to not be like the type of plant that closes up its leaves when we touche it.  
Just like when we face difficulty, we back out.  
Told her to go ahead and do it. If fail, try again.  
My son did his Moot and now my daughter is trying Moot as well, 
so proud of them.  Just like this dish, delicious and satisfying.

345g French Bean (clean and drain)
547g Roast Pork (Siew Yoke)  
2 pieces of Five Spice Bean Curd (lightly wash and drain)

French Beans - Cut around 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches in length.
Five Spice Bean Curds - Cut into strip.
Roast Pork (Siew Yoke)
1/2 tablespoon of minced garlic.

Heat up the wok with 1 tablespoon of cooking oil.

Stir fry the Five Spice Bean Curd until slightly brownish.
Do not over cooked it because the bean curd will be hard.

Dish out and keep at one side.

With the same wok, pour in 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and slightly brown the garlic.

Pour in the cut Roast Pork (Siew Yoke) and stir fry for a 2 minutes.
It is not necessary to cook it longer because the Roast Pork
(Siew Yoke) is already cooked.

Pour a few drop of Dark Soya Sauce and stir fry until well combined.
Do not pour in any salt or soya sauce because the Roast Pork
(Siew Yoke) is already salty.

Pour in the French Beans and stir fry further for 2 minutes and 
pour in some water if it is a bit dry.  

Stir until well combined.  

When the water is about to dry up, lastly, pour in the Five Spice Bean Curds
and stir until well combined.

Taste it, if the french beans and five spice bean curds are not that salty, 
by all means sprinkle some salt or soya sauce and stir until well combined and dish out.

Eat with your hot piping rice.  Enjoy


xing hui said…
yummy yummy, i like dish with roasted pork. i also post a dish with roasted pork. hi...
Dear Xing Hui, great to hear it. I tried to go to your site but unsuccessful. May I have your site name? Thanks. ;)

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