Grilled Lamb Shoulder

Grilled Lamb Shoulder
Our whole family love to eat lamb. Don't you?
This recipe was taught by our family friend's wife.
We were at their house for a birthday party and one of the dishes were 
Grilled Lamb Shoulder and everyone over there loves it so much and 
I quickly ask for the recipe and without hesitation, she told me the recipe and 
she even offered to buy the cut lamb for us because she said she knows 
the shop who can slice the meat into very thin slices but I declined because 
I know it will be troublesome for her.  
Thanks to Ah Lian for the recipe.

This recipe was given to me without any measurements, thus
I agak-agak (rough estimate only) and it turned out delicious.  
So, eventhough without any exact measurement, please don't be put off 
because I know you won't regret eating it.

Few slices of cut Lamb Shoulder (cut off the excess fat, wash and drain).
1 cup of BBQ Sauce.
**5 Shallots (peel off the skin and cut into half).
**2 Ginger (scrap off the skin, wash and roughly chop).
1 tablespoon Pepper.
1 tablespoon Chicken Stock

** Blend the Shallots and Ginger until fine.

Squeeze out the liquid from the blended paste.

Add in the pepper and chicken stock into the liquid.

And stir until well combined.

Add in all the lamb shoulder and marinate for 4 to 5 hours.
Better if overnight.

Once marinated, transfer the lamb shoulder to another dish.

Add in the BBQ sauce.

And rub the BBQ sauce all over the lamb shoulder and marinate
another 1 hour.

(Note : When you are marinating the lamb shoulder, please remember
to put into the fridge and not in open air.)

Cover the dish top with aluminium foil and grill for 1 hour.

After the 1 hour, take off the aluminium foil and turn over the Lamb Shoulder 
to another side and grill further another 1 hour or until done.

The Grilled Lamb Shoulder is so flavourful with the ginger, shallots
and BBQ sauce and it is lip smacking!

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Hi Amy! Nice Lamb recipe. The kids do not take lamb due to the smell... but I think the ginger and garlic juice will take care of that! :D
Alvin, you are correct. I am with your kids, I won't eat it if the lamb has the smell. The ginger and garlic take away the smell :)
Phong Hong said…
Hi Amy! I love lamb but so far I have not cooked it because I don't know how. I have eaten lamb that has not been properly prepared and the smell is awful. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Now I am confident that my lamb dish won't go wrong :)
I think I did cook lamb only once, family not big fan on lamb..Anyway, your grill lamb sound so delicious!
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

My boy and I didn't like lamb because of its subtle smell. Sad that we are depriving my lamb-loving husband because of that. After seeing your post, I reckon the addition of ginger must rescue our situation.

ivy sew said…
So delicious and it's really finger licking!

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