Apple Pie Filling

Apple Pie Filling
My "wai sek" (like to eat) daughter has been bugging me for a few weeks 
to make apple pie for her.  Last weekend, when my husband, daughter and 
I were at McD Drive Thru to buy late supper for our son, she keep on poking
at me to bake apple pie for her.  She added that one of her best friends, Fiona
wanted this it coincidence or what?  At the end, I gave up and 
bake for her the next day.  Well, this recipe is to show you how to make 
the apple filling. So, please bare with me a few more days to load how 
to make apple pie with this apple filling.

4 Green Apples / 20g Butter / 1 tablespoon **Cinnamon Powder /
70g Brown Sugar / 2 tablespoons Corn Flour.

** (Note : I like cinnamon powder, thus I put 1 tablespoon and
if you prefer not so strong of cinnamon, by all means lessen it)

Peel off the skin and dice or slice the apple. Choice is yours.

Add the diced apple, brown sugar and butter into a pot and cook at a 
medium fire.

When you notice the brown sugar and butter has melted, 
taste the sweetness of the filling and add more brown sugar, if necessary.


For me, I added extra 10g brown sugar.  After cooking a while,
you will notice the water ooze out from the apple.  Turn the fire to low.

Then add the cinnamon powder and corn flour and stir until well done.

Once the filling thickens, turn off the fire.

Isn't it is delicious looking?


ivy sew said…
I can just eat the apple pie filling with a toast bread or just cream cracker. Looks so delicious!
Yeah, very good idea. Thanks.

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