Salted Duck Egg Porridge

Salted Duck Egg Porridge
Since yesterday, most of the hours, I am home alone.
I am not sad about it but just the house sooooo quiet.  
Don't know how will I feel when both of my kids gone to UK to read law. 
(Yeap. The correct sentences are "read law" and "not study law". 
This is what both of my kids told me).
Daughter went out to meet friend, husband has gone to Miri 
and son has gone to work part time which today will be his last day.  
Now, he is having his summer holiday.
I know I will be lazy to go out to pack meals, thus I made up my 
mind to cook porridge for my breakfast and lunch for today.

I use slow cooker to cook the porridge and started to cook yesterday 
around 11.00 pm.

1 **cup of Rice (wash until the water is clear) and 
mix with 1/2 tablespoon of Cooking Oil and 1/2 tablespoon of Salt.
Let it be for 1 hour and then pour 8 **cups of water and turn the
slow cooker switch to "Auto" mode.

**(Note : Please use the same Cup that you measure the rice and water)

2 Salted Duck Eggs (rinse off the black mud) and boil the Salted Duck Eggs
until cooked (you can cook it the next day when your porridge is cooked).

Look like this when you wake up the next day around 7.45 am.
The porridge so smooth.  Turn off the switch.

Chopped Spring Onion.
Oooh.....I am not eating the black mud!!!....I am showing you the looks
of the Salted Duck Egg (before and after cooking).

Add in the cut Salted Duck Egg and sprinkle some chopped
Spring Onion, Soya Sauce and Ground Pepper.

Such an easy dish to cook.  I just love it.  Don't you?

I am submitting this to the Little Thumps Up "Egg" event organized by


ivy sew said…
Salted duck egg is perfect with porridge. I am easily satisfied just with plain porridge with a salted duck eggs.
Baby Sumo said…
Such a comforting bowl of porridge. I always need to have a "egg" dish with my porridge, be it omelette, fried egg or salted duck egg. Then the meal is complete. :)
xing hui said…
Have been a long time a didn't have a simple meal like this. love it.
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

How do you feel being home alone? You like it? Nice to enjoy your cooking and salted duck porridge? I wish that I can quiet moments all by myself sometimes. My 4 yo boy and husband stick to me like glue...

Next time, if I'm home alone, I will cook salted duck porridge for myself too... sounds relaxing to cook and eat this delicious porridge.

love this kind of simple porridge with salted duck eggs.
mui mui said…
Hi Amy,
Sorry for such a late visit :p
Oh! This is such a comforting kind of porridge.
Salted egg is a must when eating porridge :)

Thanks for sharing this to LTU.
Shahzaib Khan said…
Wow mouthwatering and very tasty looking recipe. I will definitely try this at home. Have you tried Pakistani Cooking Recipes I love all Pakistani Recipes and mostly the appetizers by zarnak sidhwa recipes

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