Chicken & Pork Balls

Chicken & Pork Balls
Isn't it is lip smacking?  I just love it.
 You can eat it with rice, into noodle soup, into tomato sauce or 
just pop into your mouth.  Very very easy to make.

If you can't finished it, you can frozen it to cook with other dishes.
I always make a lot and keep it in the fridge and will take it out whenever 
I wanted to cook less time consuming dishes.

340g Minced Pork 
190g Minced Chicken
45g Spring Onion (chopped)
100g Carrot (chopped)

1 Egg
1/2 tablespoon Ground Black Pepper
1/2 tablespoon Ground Oregano
1/2 tablespoon Salt

Mix until all well combined and gluey

Wet your palm and make into balls.
I used ice cream scoop so that all are in equal size.

Heat up cooking oil in a pan, pot or wok.  Choice is yours.
I used pot so that oil won't splatter all round my stove.

Once the cooking oil is heated up, place the balls slowly into the pot.
Do not put all at once, you have to fry it batch by batch depends on 
the size of your pan, pot or wok.
Once the balls are movable, turn to the other side and fry further.

Once done, lift it up.

Happy Cooking and Eating.


Love it & thanks for sharing this awesome recipe! YUMMY!
ivy sew said…
Amy, This is so yummy and I like to eat it on its own with tomato sauce.

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