Salted Dried Calamansi (Limau Kasturi)

Salted Dried Calamansi (Limau Kasturi)
My grandma make this, my mother make this and myself
make this.  This recipe is more than 100 years old.
Nowadays youngster do not know about it, they just pop antibiotics
for a faster cure if they have sore throat.  Whenever you feel that 
there is a slight uncomfortable feeling around your throat, just make this drink.
Just tear it into pieces of  3 to 4 of this salted dried calamansi into
hot water and let it sit for 20 minutes and drink it and refill with
hot water until it is clear, you even can eat the flesh of the calamansi.
The saltier of the drink the better it will be.  My whole family do not take
antibiotic for our sore throat, this will be our natural medicine.
Even if you do not have any sore throat, you can drink it to clear
heatiness in your body.

While I was downloading this recipe, my son suggested to me
to give away this Salted Dried Calamansi (Limau Kasturi) to
those who comment in my blog.
There is only ONE give away.

So anyone out there interested in my give away, do comment, 
the due date is on 12 October 2013 before 11.00 pm and 
will announce on 13 October 2013.  Ooh...what a good idea!
It is open to everyone who lives in this world!
There is only ONE give away.
(Correction - My son advised me to divide the give away into
two which I am listening to him.  Now, there will be
TWO give away.  Thanks for to my son.)

Please remember to give your email address.

Good luck to you! :)

(Note  :  For your information, I won't be sending to you the 
salted dried calamansi in a glass bottle because of its 
fragileness, will zip lock it. Hope you won't mind it.)

(Limau Kasturi - Bahasa Malaysia)
(Kat Jai - Cantonese)

  520g of Calamansi (wash and drain)
Two packs of fine Salt (450g each)

 Boil one pot of water.

Turn off the fire and add in all the Calamansi.

Stir a few times (around 1 minute to 2 minutes) and when you notice 
the calamansi turn to light yellowish, drain all the water using colander.

 Please ensure that you do not over cooked the calamansi.
Please ensure that the calamansi is not 100% dry, must has some wetness.

Pour 1/2 pack of the salt into a glass bowl or plastic container.
Pour all the calamansi on top of the salt.
Then pour the balance of the 1 1/2 pack of the salt.

 Look like this before I cover the calamansi with the salt.

 Dry it under the sun for 7 days.

 Look like this after 7 days.....stir for a minute.....and rub the calamansi 
with salt using your finger and let it dry under the sun again.

 Look like this after 21 days.
Make sure you mix the calamansi at the bottom to the top, so that
it is evenly dry and rub the calamansi with salt using your finger and
 let it dry under the sun again.

Note : After 14 days, you can dry the calamansi like the photo on top,
not necessary to submerge the calamansi with salt.
Always remember to rub the calamansi with the salt at each 7 days.
Make sure your fingers are dry when you are doing the rubbing.

 Look like this after 1 month.

Look like this after 3 months.  It is done when you notice the
calamansi is dried and wrinkle.
Put the salted dried calamansi and some salt into a jar with plastic cover.
Keep at cool place.   It can be kept for a long time.

Natural remedy for sore throat and reduce body heatiness.
You want it?
Why wait anymore? Do comment for this give away.
There is only ONE give away.
(Correction - My son advised me to divide the give away into
two which I am listening to him.  Now, there will be
TWO give away.  Thanks to my son.)

Please remember to give your email address.

THE WINNER........
(the pleasure of hand pick the number was given to my son)
(1) Phong Hong and
(2) Ivy Sew

Will post the give away to you, thus kindly email to me your address to


thanks for the recipe, Amy :)
Anonymous said…
Looks mouth-wateringly good! Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said…
A great natural remedy that beats all those dreadful prescription! My late dad used to make something quite similar to this but I'm going to try your recipe soon.

Phong Hong said…
Good heavens, Amy! Dried in the sun for seven days and then some more! A labour of love indeed for this home remedy.
ivy sew said…
I have never made salted dried limau kasturi. I only made the wet version and it's easier.
Anonymous said…
It a good and health drink especially for those who is having unconfortable throut and it help to smooth the throut and heal faster. I would love to taste some..... from Vanny
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

I like to win your homemade salted calamansi but I don't think any of these yummy treats can pass our strict Australian quarantine... but if ONLY I'm the lucky winner :D

Thanks for organizing such a great giveaway. These, I would say is pretty priceless :D

LucyL said…
Yes yes yes please, I would love to win!! Your son is a genius haha!

I've been suffering from tonsilitis and taking antibiotics for it and still no good! :(

And since I live in london, I dont think I can get hold of Calamansies easily.

yellowhellokitty "at"! I hope I'm Lucky :)
Hi hope to get this free giveaway because my house always get sore throat problem...
I plan to make myself and compare with your taste...
Anonymous said…
Is so hazy and I'm unable to sun them, can I have just leave them indoor in a glass jar?
Anonymous said…
It's fall now. Soon it's gonna be winter. Is there an alternative to sun drying them?
If you leave inside the house, it will not be fulled dried. Best is under the sun. Sorry for the late reply.
Caramel said…
Hi. I like to know after 14 days , do i still have to sun it daily until after 3 months?
Once it is dried and wrinkles (after 3 mths, depends on the sun), then. no need already

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