Snowskin Mini Mooncakes

Snowskin Mini Mooncakes
 When I saw this from Sonia, Nasi Lemak Lover, I told her that I will
definitely make this for my son because every year without fail,
he will bug me to buy Snowskin Moon Cake for him.  He does
not fancy the original mooncake.

It took me around 3 hours to make 46 pieces.  What a good workout!
Anyway, its worth all the effort after seeing my son and my family lovingly
enjoying it.  I even gave some to my nephews (husband side).
Red colour is my 1st try, then yellow is the 2nd try and lastly green is the
3rd try.  Red skin is a bit rough and then the roughness is getting lesser
after a few tries.  There is still roughness but still it is edible.
I am so happy that I have successfully made it even though it is my 1st try.

Do read carefully before you embark your journey making these adorable
Snowskin Mini Mooncakes.  Thanks Sonia for the recipe.

 38g Koh Hun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
38g Icing Sugar
13g Shortening
45g Iced Cold Water (I only used 35g) - Put a few drops of food colouring.
White Lotus Paste Filing

 Weigh lotus paste to 20g each (at 2nd and 3rd try, I shape the lotus paste to 15g).  
Shape into rounds and put aside.

 Sieve Koh Hun and Icing Sugar together into a bowl.

Add in the Shortening.

 Rub the Shortening with the Koh Hun and Icing Sugar until
like bread crumb.

 Pour in the coloured Iced Water and mix until combined.
Do not over mix the dough.  According to Sonia, the skin will be rough
if over mix.  Mark my work, it is TRUE.

 Weigh each dough to 15g (Sonia did at 20g).
Flatten and wrap in lotus paste ball.

Place the wrap balls into a dough jelly mould or mooncake mould and 
flatten the top lightly with the back of a small spoon.  Lastly, knock
the mould a few times and the balls will comes out easily.

Chinese around the world will be celebrating Mid Autumn Festival this coming
Thursday and would like to wish everyone A Very Happy Mid Autumn Festival.
Hope you and your family will have an enjoying family reunion dinner, 
eating mooncakes, playing lantern and a good holiday.


petite nyonya said…
what a great success with mooncakes. well done!!
ivy sew said…
Thumbs up to you :)
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

Happy mid-autumn to you and your family. Your homemade mooncakes look great!

Being just the 3 of us in Melbourne, we don't really celebrate this festival but we do have some lanterns and 1 mooncake to eat this weekend :D


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