Stir Fry Kailan with Garlic

Stir Fry Kailan with Garlic
Saw the Hong Kong Kailan when I was at the market and quickly bought
it because my family and I love to eat it.  We prefer Hong Kong Kailan
than our local Kailan.  Some known it as Cantonese Kale.

On Friday night, I was alone and bought one packet of "Pan Mee Soup"
for my dinner and to my horror, the stall charged RM4.50 per packet.
I just keep quiet and pay for it.  The stall increased 20 cents BECAUSE
our Government recently increased 20 cents for the petrol.
Where is the logic?  In my heart while walking to my car....aiyoh! heizzz!
cut throat! not logic at all! pity those low income group! and etc etc.
End conclusion .....cook for ourselves (am I right?)
For us to ponder further!

260g Hong Kong Kailan (wash and drain)
6 cloves of Garlic (roughly chopped)

Heat up the wok with cooking oil and fry the garlic until slightly golden brown.

Add in the Hong Kong Kailan and stir fry until cook.
After 2 minutes, add in 1 tablespoon of water.

Stir fry until cook.  Add in some salt and to taste.
Dish up and serve immediately.

Have a good long weekend & holiday
Wishing all Malaysian "Happy 1Malaysia".


ivy sew said…
Hi Amy, usually I would add some ginger/ginger juice and a dash of chinese cooking wine. It tastes different. Give this a try :)
Hi Amy! Nice green! A dash of chines wine will elevate the stir fry veg to another level. :D
So lovely, Amy.

Your cooking really reminds me of my mother's.

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