Arrowroot Soup (Fun Kok Tong)

Arrowroot Soup (Fun Kok Tong)
Chinese named it Fun Kok Tong (Arrowroot Soup).
With this kind of hot humid weather, it is good to boil this soup.
It is said to reduce the heatiness in our body.
My family love to drink this soup.  Very easy to boil, just dump everything
into the pot, let it boil for a few hours and voila, you get a nutrition soup.
During Chinese New Year, my mother in law sure will boil this soup
in a very big pot to serve all those hungry stomach.

I have forgotten to weight all the above ingredients but by seeing
the photos, I believe it will give you some rough idea on the amount
to buy from the wet market.

3 pieces of chicken carcass (wash and trim the fat)
1 medium size of Arrowroot (wash, peel off the skin and cut into cubes)
2 pieces of Dried Cuttlefish (wash with hot water)
6 medium size of Pork Ribs (wash and trim the fat)

Add all the above ingredients into a cooking pot.
Pour water until 3/4 of the pot.

Boil with high fire.

Skim off the foam that comes to the surface and boil with medium fire
for 2 hours.

Add water, if necessary and boil another 1 hour with low fire.

Add salt to taste.

The above gave us 5 big Chinese soup bowls.
(Not like the photo below)

Isn't it is yummy and delicious?


Ivy Sew said…
My family's favourite soup. Have a nice day, Doris :)
LucyL said…
Looks so good! My parents used to make this soup quite often too :)

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