Fried Shallot

Fried Shallot
Chinese likes this Fried Shallot in their foods.
Just add into pan mee noodle, noodle soup, dried noodle, 
steamed fish, steam bean curds, steamed yam cakes and etc.
I made this last week and yesterday my mother brought us
some steamed radish cake and without any hesitation, 
I added the fried shallot and drizzle some of the balance shallot oil. yummy.

150g small or medium size Shallots

 I hate to peel and slice Shallot or Onion because it will
make me cry like a baby....yeap it is true.
So, I frozen the shallot and then take it out to peel and slice
the Shallot.  No more tears and no more crying baby.

 Heat up with high fire, one cup of cooking Oil.

 Once your cooking oil is very hot, add in the sliced Shallot and stir it.

 You must keep on stirring and stirring.

 Keep on stirring and you will notice it is getting browning.
Turn the fire to medium and keep on stirring.

 Once it is 90% brown, turn the fire to high and keep
on stirring for one minute and then turn off the fire.
The hot oil will still frying the shallots (if you do not turn
off the fire, eventually the hot oil will burn your shallots).
Quickly dish out the fried shallots into a colander to drain 
the oil and let it fried shallot to cool and keep inside
a cleaned jar.  

Because we wanted to have crispy
fried shallot, that is way we are not adding in the cooked oil.
Some people also like to keep the cooked oil together
with the fried shallot, just like drizzle into dried wan ton mee.
Choice will be your.

Have a Happy Wonderful Weekend.


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