15 Minutes - Pan Fried Luncheon Meat (Two Types)

15 Minutes - Luncheon Meat 
(in two types)
 I cooked this many many moons ago.  Totally forgotten about it 
until this morning when I am clearing my folder.  Anyone who don't cook 
will not find this dish intimidating to cook.  If you run out of idea,
just cook this dish and your family will sure love it, simple and delicious.

 One tin of Luncheon Meat and cut into slices.
One Egg - Slight beaten with pepper.

 Place half of the luncheon meat into the beaten eggs and ensure
the luncheon meat well coated.

 Once your pan is heated with cooking oil, pan fry the luncheon meat.

 When the luncheon meat is browning, turn over to the other side and 
pan fry further until done.

While I am blogging it, I was thinking to cook this dish for our dinner.
OK or not?  Something for me to ponder further because today
my bones are very lazy.


petite nyonya said…
i love these...especially with porridge! simple home meal is always the best...

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