Sambal Tumis

Sambal Tumis
Sambal, whether it is spicy or not, all Malaysians love to eat it.
Told my mother that I wanted to cook Sambal Tumis to keep
in the freezer and will take it out whenever my dish require sambal tumis.
As usual, old ladies will not give us in the exact weight measurements,
 they will agak-agak (estimate).  With their agak-agak (estimate), 
they still be able to cook delicious food. Salute them.
This Sambal towards a sweeter taste and if you prefer not to have
sweet sambal, please omit the palm sugar.

I cooked this sambal last few weeks ago and since I have been
hibernating at home due to my back pain, I force myself to blog this
to kill my boredom. 

 As said above, my mother gave me all these ingredients without any
weight measurements.  Sorry lah.  But by looking at it, you definitely
will know the amount of the ingredients needed.

Ingredients :- (Clockwise)
Shallots / Shrimp Paste (Belacan) / Fresh Chilies / Galangal / Ginger /
Garlic / Onion / Tamarind Pulp / Dry Chilies / Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka)

 This picture is the same of the above (but taken at different angle).

 Tamarind Pulp mix thoroughly with 2 tablespoons of water.
Throw away the seed.

Ingredients A :-
Shallots / Onion - Peel and cut.
Dry Chilies - Wash and soak with water for 5 minutes, 
trim both ends, cut into half and deseed (I prefer less spicy).
Fresh Chilies - Clean, deseed (I prefer less spicy) and cut into half.
Ginger / Garlic / Galangal - Clean, peel and cut.

Dry Chilies - Boil it with hot water for 3 minutes or until soften only
and drain well.

Pan fry the Shrimp Paste for 3 minutes.

Put all the ingredients A, Shrimp Paste and
half cup of water into the blender 
except for the dried chilies, palm sugar and tamarind water
and blend until done like the picture below.

Lastly, add in the dry chilies and blend further.

Look like this after blended.

Heat up one cup of cooking oil and pour in the blended paste
and cook until the oil separate from the paste with medium fire.

Keep on stirring.

You will notice that the oil will dry up, then add in another cup of
cooking oil.  My mother told me to add two cups of cooking oil
and I thought one cup of cooking oil is enough, how wrong was I,
at the end I have to force myself to add another cup of cooking oil.

As said above, I have to add another cup of cooking oil.

Keep on cooking until the oil separate from the chili paste.

Add in the palm sugar and tamarind water and keep on stirring.

Switch off the fire and dish out.

Once cool totally, I separate the above into  few containers.  
Each container has half cup of the above cooked Sambal Tumis and freeze it.
You can use this Sambal Tumis for your :-
Sambal Telur / Sambal Sotong / Sambal Ikan Bilis /
Sambal Petai / Sambal Udang / Sambal Bawang Besar /
and many many more recipes that you feel like it.


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